A pilgrimage to resource efficiency 

“Get Out of Cash!”

Why are we being told to get out of cash? What does that mean, exactly? It’s not just the investment guys wanting to sell you their newsletters, it’s some of the folks on the television business programs, too. Is this a push for bitcoin or cryptocurrencies in general? Where can you buy physical gold? Better yet, where can you spend either one?

In 1974 Home Economics class we were taught to save three months of ‘living expenses’ so you would have some ‘wiggle room’ if you wanted to change jobs. In 1984 Business Economics class we were told to have three years of ‘living expenses’ in savings so that when you start a new business, you can reinvest all profit back into the business. In 1994 we were handed a fist full of credit cards and told ‘the future is so bright, there’s no need to save anything for any reason’. In 2008, the big banks had to be bailed out by the government. Now we’re being told to “Get out of Cash”. What the heck? Oh, the times they are a changing and most economists (if not all) are predicting greater than usual inflation. The chickens coming home to roost.

One person says, “the economy is doing great, look at the stock market, my 401K has nearly doubled in value”. Another says, “thousands of businesses are out of business forever” and “unemployment will have to be extended indefinitely” (leading to Universal Basic Income). How can both be true? We are living in a financial economy, we buy and sell money not goods and services. The U.S. actually produces very little compared to only three decades ago. For pity sake, we even import food from China now!

Is Modern Monetary Theory the next step on the way to the WEF’s Great Reset? All we have to do is print more money, deficits don’t matter. What could possibly go wrong? Does inflation indicate that the value of everything has gone up or that the money is worth less? If deficits don’t matter, why keep track of them?

Well, some of us don’t have the luxury of ‘getting out of cash’ because that’s what our utility company expects us to send them each month.

I suppose, with inflation being real, we could move cash into ‘harder’ assets like three months of toilet paper and/or food which we know we will use one way or the other.

I invested in a package of Dragon Tongue heirloom bean seeds. You can trade your mom’s milk cow for a handful of magic bean seeds if you want to, Jack.


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