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Gardening is the very foundation of the self-reliant. Saving those heritage seeds for next year is only normal. Having seeds packaged for long term storage for “just in case” is only prudent.

Most of us have heard of ‘victory gardens’ grown during WWII. During the Great Depression those were actually survival gardens! Everyone from children to government agencies participated one way or another. The goal was to produce enough fresh vegetables through the summer for the immediate family and neighbors. Any excess produce was canned and preserved for the winter and early spring until next year’s victory garden produce was ripe. Sprouting seeds during the winter months provides the family with fresh greens that contain high levels of antioxidants, protein, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

Having a survival seed bank as part of your emergency preparedness plan will insure that you have the ability to produce fresh fruits, vegetables, herbs, and medicinal herbs when they may not be available otherwise. Heirloom or heritage plants are non-hybrid and not genetically modified so the seeds produced can be harvested, stored and planted the following year. All of our seeds have a minimum storage life of 5 years at 70 degrees temperature.

Heirloom Garden Seeds


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