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55 Gallon Water Barrel Package

55 Gallon Water Barrel Package



55 Gallon Water Barrel Package supplies 4 people for 2 weeks.

This is recommended as a minimum supply of emergency water for 4 people for 14 days.
Enough water for drinking, cooking and light personal hygiene.

The kit includes:

  •  The U.N. approved water barrel made from Heavy-duty, thick, high molecular weight polyethylene FDA approved resin and BPA free.
  • 5-year shelf life water preserver packet
  • siphon pump
  • bung wrench
  • tamper caps

One 2″ BTS closure and one 2″ inch NPT closure with 3/4″ NPT insert. Accommodates both vented and non-vented plugs and/or dispensing equipment. Molded top ring to facilitate handling .

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Weight 105 lbs