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Aluminum Steam Canner

Aluminum Steam Canner



Fruitsaver Aluminum Steam Canner

Save time, energy, and water with an Aluminum Steam Canner. Easy to use – just add water, place your loaded jars on the rack, cover with the lid, and watch the built-in temperature gauge to know when to start timing. Uses less water, which not only cuts preheating time by up to 50%, but also eliminates heavy lifting, boil-overs and messy clean-ups

Process 7 quart jars at a time.
Saves water – uses 80% less water than traditional water bath canning.
Saves time and energy – cuts preheating time by 50%
Indicator on lid tells exactly when to start processing time.
Low water requirement eliminates heavy lifting and messy over boiling.
Quality aluminum construction cuts preheating time in half


One Year Warranty

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Weight 6.9 lbs