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Crystal Cascade Glass Washboard

Glass Pail Washboard


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The Crystal Cascade Washboard

A wonderful small washboard with a glass scrubbing surface and wooden frame. The Crystal Cascade is a heavier washboard due to the glass center.

The Crystal Cascade design on the front of the washboard dates back to 1936. You cannot get more authentic than this!

Whether you call it a washboard or a scrubbing board, use to wash your clothes or play in your skiffle band. A scrubbing board is the perfect addition to your washroom utensils and laundry preps. Both practical and good looking, use a washboard with a bar of soap to help get your clothes ultra clean as a pre washing machine scrubber, or add that finishing touch to your traditional looking kitchen. Has the added bonus of being able to be used as a musical instrument!

This model is the family size with spiral glass scrubber style and wood surround. Has a recess at the top to put your bar of soap. There is also a “Crystal Cascade” logo on the recess at the front and manufacturer info on the back. Made in the USA

RUB SURFACE 7″ X 8 1/2″

OVERALL SIZE 8 1/2 X 18″

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