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Essential Food Storage Package

The fundamentals of long term food storage are grains and legumes. And the Essential Food Storage Package provides critical protein and carbohydrates. Whether you are starting from scratch or expanding an existing food storage, this is an ideal combination for proper balance.


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The foods in this package are all sealed in 5 gallon, high density polyethylene buckets or cans with oxygen absorbers. In this compact form they will store well and require minimal storage space. Included is; 9 – 5 gallon buckets, one case of #10 cans and one box.

The package contains the basic elements of long term food storage, professionally packaged, at a minimal cost. The net weight of the food without packaging is 339 pounds. It provides the most nutritionally balanced, minimal essentials for one year.

With 2 gallons of cooking oil (for your fatty acid requirements), this basic package will provide over 1500 calories and 61 grams of protein a day for a year.

Vegetable oil must be rotated as it does not have an extended shelf life.

The most economical shipping method for this package is common carrier (by truck).  We will contact you with the best rates prior to processing your order.

 Quantity  Package  Product
 2  Bucket  Hard Red Wheat
 1  Bucket  Hard White Wheat
 1  Bucket  16 Bean Mix
 1  Bucket  Pinto Beans
 2  Bucket  White Rice
 1  Bucket  Instant Milk
 1  Bucket  Quick Rolled Oats
 1  #10 Can
 2  #10 Can  Sugar
 1  #10 Can  Baking Soda
 1  #10 Can  Baking Powder
 1  #10 Can  Shortening Powder
 1  #2.5 Can
 Chicken Bouillon
 1  #2.5 Can  Beef Bouillon
 2  Package  Yeast


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Weight 425 lbs