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Harris Hydroelectric Pelton Turbine 1-Nozzle 12/24V/48V

Harris Hydroelectric Pelton Turbine



Harris Hydroelectric Pelton Turbine 1-Nozzle 12/24V/48V

This hydroelectric battery charger uses a cast bronze Pelton wheel and a brushless permanent magnet alternator on a white powder-coated aluminum housing.

  • Head range: 20 to 600 feet
  • Flow range: 4 to 250 gpm
  • Maximum 12-volt power: 700 watts
  • Maximum 24-volt power: 1400 watts
  • Maximum 48-volt power: 2500 watts

They are available with one, two or four nozzles, depending on water flow and power requirements. (PVC manifold with one shut-off valve on two-nozzle machines and 3 shut-off valves on 4-nozzle machines is available). These turbines can be fitted with nozzles up to 1/2″ in diameter. Each hydroelectric system is custom-built to match your site specifications. Please tell us your head, flow, pipe size and length, electrical transmission line length and battery voltage when ordering. The new permanent magnet (PM) brushless alternator pictured here is 15-30% more efficient than the automotive alternator used in the past; and they last longer. Allow 5 to 6 weeks for delivery. 1-year warranty.

Fan kit is recommended when producing over 500W.

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Weight 55 lbs