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Nesco/American Harvest Food Dehydrator

Nesco/American Harvest Food Dehydrator FD-75PR

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With adjustable temperature, the Nesco Food & Jerky Dehydrator dries everything from fruit, vegetables, herbs, jerky, and granola perfectly.

Its patented Converge Flow action pressurizes heated air downward through the outer ring, and horizontally across each tray-converging at the center for fast even drying. Its adjustable temperature makes drying a variety of foods easy!

Includes fruit drying trays, Clean-A-Screens for drying sticky fruit and herbs, fruit roll sheets, and jerky spice and cure packets. Contemporary Granite Vita-Save Exterior with exclusive light-blocking feature helps retain more vitamins and nutrients during drying process

Adjustable thermostat provides greater flexibility for drying a variety of foods Patented Converga-Flow action makes food dry fast, and evenly Expandable for up to 12 trays. Uses 700 watts of power.

Made in USA

One year warranty



Expand with LT-2SG Nesco/Americcan Harvest Add A Tray

Also uses Nesco / American Harvest Clean-a-Screen LM-2

And Nesco / American Harvest Fruit Roll Sheet LSS-2