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Optimus Hiker+

Optimus Hiker+


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The Optimus Hiker+ is a classic!

For 70 years this stove has been getting the job done. Now it has been upgraded with the award winning Optimus Nova burner. The rugged and compact steel case protects the tank and burner when packed.


Average boil time for 1 L of water: ~ 3.5 min/1 l water, depending on climate, altitude etc.
Average burn time: up to 2 h at maximum output (using 350 ml fuel)
Dimensions (cm): 18 x 18 x 11
Dimensions (in): 7.1 x 7.1 x 4.3
Fuel type: Optimus Arctic Fuel, white gas, kerosene, diesel and jet fuel
Kit includes: complete stove with built-in tank and pump
Output (BTU): 9725
Output (W): 2850
Technology: Fuel
Weight (grams): 1590
Weight (oz/lbs): 56/3.5

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