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OutBack GTFX 2524 Grid-Tie Inverter

OutBack GTFX 2524 Grid-Tie Inverter



OutBack GTFX 2524 Grid-Tie Inverter

OutBack G-Series inverter/chargers are the grid-interactive versions in OutBack’s FX inverter line. Available in either sealed (GTFX) or vented (GVFX) models, these inverters allow you to sell solar, wind, and/or hydro power back to the utility grid. If the utility power goes down, the inverter will automatically switch to battery power and your renewable energy source(s) to run your critical loads. The inverter can be set up so that either utility power or your renewable source can be used after an outage to recharge the battery bank. AC power is seamlessly switched between utility and battery power through the inverter’s built-in 60A transfer switch. With the OutBack grid-interactive system, backup AC power is made available 24 hours a day in the event of a utility outage, providing reliable power and peace of mind. At night, the inverter’s automatic power save mode ensures that energy is not wasted by needlessly charging your batteries from the utility grid. Daily energy production efficiency is within a few percentage points of batteryless grid-intertie systems (depending on the condition of the battery bank). Up to two G-Series inverters can be combined and wired or “stacked” for 120/240V output. G-Series inverters can be stacked in Classic Series only, which is limited to two G-Series inverters. They come with a standard 2-year warranty with an optional 3-year extension (5 years total). A 10-year warranty is available for California residents. ETL Listed to UL 1741 for U.S. and Canada.

 OutBack Model
 Continuous watts
 Battery voltage
 AC out volts/hertz
 No load draw
Charger Amps
Peak AC surge
Weight Lbs.
GTFX 2524
 2500  24 VDC
 120V/60Hz  18-20w  55a  70a  56

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Weight 66 lbs