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Standard Baking Package

The Standard Baking Package is designed to compliment a one year grain storage plan.

It provides the additional ingredients required for most breads, biscuits, muffins, pancakes, desserts, and simple pastries. Make the most of your whole wheat, cornmeal, barley, oats and multi-grain cereals by turning them into your favorite baked items.




By creating more options for your grains, you can battle appetite fatigue. The package contributes 92,221 calories and 2,579 grams of protein to your long term food storage.
The foods are all sealed in #10 Cans or mylar packages with oxygen absorbers. In this compact form they will store well and require minimal storage space. This package comes in 2 boxes.
The net weight of the food without packaging is 61 pounds.

#10 Can
Whole Eggs
 2  #10 Can   Instant Milk
 1 #10 Can 
 Shortening Powder
#10 Can 
 Butter Powder
 1 #10 Can 
 Baking Soda
 1 #10 Can 
 Baking Powder
 1 #10 Can 
 2 #10 Can 
 White Sugar
 1 #10 Can 
 Brown Sugar
 1 Mylar Package


Additional information

Weight 70 lbs