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Utility Flame – 3 Pack with Stove

Utility Flame – 3 Pack with Stove

Utility Flame is a great companion for the casual day hiker or weekend camper. It is not only lightweight and easy to carry, but it can be counted on to burn hot with no smoke or odor, boil water, cook a meal, and is green, non-toxic product that burns down to sand.



Utility Flame is a lightweight fire source that is safe and easy to store and has a proven 6 year shelf life. By planning ahead, you will have a reliable product for cooking, boiling water, and reconstituting freeze dried foods in unpredictable times. It will burn at high elevations, and will not evaporate, freeze, or melt. The contents of a 1.25oz pouch will burn for approximately 14-15 minutes, long enough to boil water, to heat an MRE and to make a hot cup of coffee. The packages are designed and built to military specifications, with innovative, heavy foil laminated pouches. The packaging offers what is needed – protection until used. It is a great resource in survival situations.

In time of disaster, agencies must respond quickly, effectively. Utility Flame is a fire source that has no restrictions on transportation. It boils a cup of water in 3 1/2 minutes to purify water, reconstitute freeze dried food, and provide sanitation. It is a reliable and effective tool utilized by disaster responders.

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Weight 1.2 lbs