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    Old world self-sufficiency in a new world … 

So much of our lives literally revolves around the kitchen. We eat all our meals together there, sharing the day’s challenges and successes. It served as the school room and the family room for playing games. Plans for the day and the future are discussed and solidified over food and drink. The bills get paid, records are kept and taxes figured there. Seeds are spread on the table while planning the garden and jars are sorted and filled there at harvest time. Quilts and clothes get cut and sewn on that table. Neighbors and friends are always welcome to share a cup of coffee and baked goods of the day. Wonderful memories reside in the kitchen while delightful new, little people come to add their chapters.

Tips for Keeping Your Garden Tomatoes Healthy Throughout the Growing Season

Tomatoes are a beloved staple of many home gardens, prized for their delicious flavor and versatility in the kitchen. However, successfully growing healthy tomatoes requires a bit of knowledge and care. From preventing common diseases to ensuring optimal growth conditions, let’s discuss some essential tips to keep our garden tomatoes thriving throughout the growing season.

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Tweezer Weeding – Part 3

A weed is a plant growing where you don’t want it. Use discernment and don’t dis the volunteers. Part three in a short series of experiences and deeper contemplations on the trials of ‘tares’ in the field.

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Desperate Gardening

In my quest for a greener earth and healthier meals for my family, I have to stoop to a level that the cool mountain air has made me quite accustom to, I will do anything to ensure that I have at least a few truly vine ripened tomatoes. During the Winter the sun is blocked from our property due to the way that our valley faces and the mountain that is determined to drive me to have permanent Seasonal Effective Disorder. We are in our last few weeks of sunshine, but

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