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Survival Situations Require Survival Food

Survival Food Works in Emergencies but Emergency Food Isn’t Always Ideal for Survival

Floating in a life raft, lost on a hike, trapped in an elevator, traffic jam, building collapse, avalanche shed or …

These are survival situations. And survival situations call for survival food. Yes, any of these situations constitute an emergency but there is a difference between emergency food and survival food.

Let’s begin with the commonly thought of emergency conditions, those being weather disasters, earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, tornadoes, forest fires and  floods. These are normally fairly short term events as is their aftermath.  Some folks either have been or know someone who has been affected by weather disasters or live in an area where natural disasters are a distinct possibility and thus prep accordingly.

In such circumstances life is in absolute turmoil as public services are down, water is contaminated and rescue personnel are working overtime. I have to ask, If your house has just been washed away, are you going to be sitting in a rubber raft with 200 pounds of rice and dry beans? If you are stranded in your car, buried under 6 feet of snow will you be boiling water to fix dinner? If you are on your way to the family retreat when your car breaks down, do you want to carry 40 quarts of home canned beets for the next 20 miles (possibly two days)?

In these predicaments, survival food is optimal. Survival food is lightweight, compact, high in calories, vitamins and minerals and can be stored in just about any conditions and best yet, requires NO EFFORT to prepare.

In weather disasters or temporary situations of civil unrest where you are confined to the home, office or storm shelter, emergency food is applicable. These would be prepackaged meals that require water and possibly heat to prepare. Creating a food storage program of easy to prepare items that are used regularly makes eating at home in such an environment little different than that which would happen any other day.

When it comes to true survival scenarios, survival food is just that.


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