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Juicers can be used to make juice for fresh use or for jams and jellies that will go into your food storage. Extracting the juice from fresh fruits and vegetables for your own juice drinks provides the maximum health benefits for your family.

Produce your own fresh, home-made vegetable and fruit juices. Maintain the full nutritional content of your food. Naturally extract the juice of grapes, berries, tomatoes and other soft fruits with the power of steam. Juiced fruit and vegetables are an easy way to consume huge amounts of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants .Eliminate the mess and work of seeding and straining your fruit for jelly, juice and wine making. Your end product will be a beautiful, clear juice concentrate!

The best way to control the quality of food we eat is to grow it, prepare it and preserve it ourselves.  This could explain why the number of organic gardeners and homesteaders has increased, but you don’t have to grow your food yourself to enjoy the benefits of organically grown.  The slightly higher cost of natural foods can be offset by processing at home. There is a multitude of preparation techniques to best preserve the taste, appearance and nutritive value of fresh food safely and with ease. Here you will find devices that make preparing special foods or large quantities enjoyable.

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