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Inflation Sale

America is about to experience one of the greatest inflationary periods in our nation’s history. – from the investing gurus of the macro socioeconomic picture.

Inflation is definitely headed even higher and that high inflation is here to stay. Consumers can only handle higher prices for so long. Inflation destroys purchasing power and is crushing to poor and middle-class folks.

“Food prices are NEVER going back to the lows we saw a few years back. For several decades, food expenses made up a low percentage of household expenses. But those days are over… for good.”
What the heck? For a lot of us, housing, food, clothing, and energy costs is our budget, with no wiggle room for emergencies.

However, many a family has survived tough times by having a food supply to fall back on. We, at Mayflower Trading, had three price increases in 2021 and our first one in 2022 as our costs continue rising. In order to give our customers an opportunity to be as prepared as possible, we will be turning the clock back, rolling prices back, for the whole month of February our food products will be on sale at our lowest possible prices.


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