A pilgrimage to resource efficiency 

Sooo… I need some help.

After what we have all been through in the last two years, what’s the
problem with blowing up bioweapons labs?
White phosphorus and thermite, no pathogen is going to survive 2700
degrees and it doesn’t leave fallout. Somehow, this seems better than
being locked in my house, wearing masks and getting more injections.
I’m missing something. HELP!!


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2 Thoughts to “Sooo… I need some help.”

  1. Mrs. RM WIlliams

    I’d like to know
    -the weight of various contents in the #10 cans
    -the approximate equivalent of eggs in the powdered egg container
    – from which state theproducts will be shipped
    Thank you very much.
    PS You have a very nice website and gentle approach to informing folks of the extremely bizarre state of events in which we find ourselves.

    1. Pam Molloy

      The net weight of each food item is listed in the description along with serving size, number of servings and calories per serving. With the whole, dehydrated eggs 2 tablespoons of powder plus 3 tablespoons of water are the equivalent of one egg. Two tablespoons is a serving, there are 94 servings in a can equaling 94 eggs.
      The food products ship from Idaho.
      We are, indeed, experiencing bizarre events and while the mess was set in motion a long time ago, it seems the accelerator is now stuck on the floor as we proceed down a 7% grade.

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