A pilgrimage to resource efficiency 

Grain Mills

Grain mills provide easy grain processing for healthier, more economical living. Grains in their whole form maintain their nutritional value far longer than in their processed form. For this reason, a grain mill is a necessity for a well stocked pantry.

Stone-ground flour is preferred by many for its texture, nutty flavor, and the belief that it has greater nutritional value because the wheat germ is not exposed to excessive temperatures that could cause the fat from the germ portion to oxidize and become rancid. Whole grains contain natural fiber, vitamins and minerals needed to maintain vibrant health. Grains maintain their nutrients far longer when stored whole.  Now there’s a simple way to replace overly processed, vitamin deficient foods with the fresh, natural goodness of home-ground products. Create an infinite variety of new textures and flavors in home baking, cereals, snacks, beverages and desserts with your own grain mill. And now available for those living off-grid, a low energy consumption motor for the Victorio Deluxe Grain Mill!

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