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Popcorn Poppers

Stove top popcorn poppers work on any heat source and are as much fun to use as the popcorn is to eat.

Popcorn is the cheapest, easiest, healthiest and most fun snack! A stove top popcorn popper is far more versatile and dependable than electric poppers and can be taken camping or used during power outages with an alternative heat source. Making popcorn the old-fashioned way is not just fun, it’s cheap and good for you.  Yes, finally, a healthy snack that promotes good digestion by providing necessary fiber, or roughage as grandma used to call it. It is sugar free, fat free, low in calories and contains no artificial additives. As a matter of fact, popcorn provides B vitamins, some protein, minerals and healthy fats.  Unlike most grains that are refined by stripping the bran and germ, popcorn is indeed a whole grain.

Popcorn is often considered a comfort food – a snack that helps uncomfortable situations seem more normal. Adding popcorn to your pantry, along with one of our durable poppers, will guarantee healthy snacks on the rainiest day. Popcorn, properly packaged, can be stored for 25+ years.

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