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Alpaca Kerosene Cook Stove

Alpaca Kerosene Cook Stove, the compact cooker burns for 16 hours on  9/10 gallon of fuel and produces up to 8500 BTUs of heat. Designed durable for outdoor use



The Alpaca Kerosene Cook Stove is portable, compact and highly efficient.

The Alpaca  brings water to a boil fast but is also fully adjustable for lower heat settings. Great for emergencies, camping, hunting and fishing or as an extra stove for canning. Weighs approximately 15 pounds. A great addition to include in your emergency preparedness supplies. Not recommended for indoor use.


  • High 8500 BTU heat output
  • Large 3.5 liter (3.7 qt.) fuel tank
  • Efficient 0.22 liter/hour fuel consumption
  • Long 15.9 hour running time on full tank
  • Easy-cleaning top pan
  • Fuel gauge
  • Comfortable carry handles
  • Steel drip tray base
  • Long-life circular fiberglass wick
  • Quality fit and finish

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs