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Brown Sugar – 5 Gallon Bucket

Brown Sugar for a healthier sweetener and a must for your favorite baked goods.Prepare to provide critical ‘psychological’ foods.



Brown sugar is a versatile sugar that is used in most baked goods.

Brown sugar is used in most cookies; it is used to flavor oatmeal and other hot cereals. Brown sugar is a great sugar to have on hand so that you can keep making those home made baked goods your children love. It is used to make different sauces including a good barbeque sauce. Brown sugar is light and has a milder taste. This is a need for your long term food storage because it will help you add flavor to your other foods such as hot cereal and keep those wonderful cookies on hand that we all love to reach for.
light brown sugar is a versatile ingredient that is used in baking and cooking. This is a staple in everyone’s home and should be a staple in everyone’s food storage. If you use it now in your everyday foods you will want it in your food storage. It is a necessity for your food storage needs. Not just for baked goods but also can be used as a flavoring agent for other foods such as oatmeal.

Shelf Life:

Should be stored in cool dark place – optimum condition is 60 degrees or less – for longer storage. Product should store for 20+ years if stored properly.

Contains:  Invert sugar, sugar cane, and molasses. Non GMO and gluten free. No preseratives added.

Directions for use:
Use as a sweetener in cereals and in baking.  Store in air tight container to keep moistness in.  If it should harden, soften by placing a slice of moist bread on top of sugar and cover tightly for several days.

Serving size 1 tsp.        Servings per bucket 5594        Calories per serving 11

Weight 37 Lbs.

Processed in a plant that handles dairy, milk, wheat, egg, soy, and tree nut products.

Additional information

Weight 38 lbs