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Katadyn Siphon

Katadyn Siphon


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Katadyn Siphon

The Siphon can be used to make a gravity system out of any water container. Place one or more Siphon filter elements into a container and let the water run through the hose into a lower-positioned vessel. Eliminates bacteria, protozoa, cysts, algae, spores,
sediments and viruses in combination with particles greater than 0.2 microns.
The Siphon makes it easy to obtain a supply of drinking water for large groups and makes carrying large amounts of water (additional weight!) unnecessary in many cases.
This filter is particularly popular due to its simple handling and fast filtration without pumps. It is not necessary to connect it to a tap, the Siphon can simply be placed in a container filled with water (at a higher elevation) or be used with a water bag.
Ideal for camping, base camps and emergency use.

Capacity (gal):     ~ 5’300

Capacity (L):      ~ 20’000

Dimensions (cm):      16 x 6.5

Dimensions (in):      6.3 x 2.6

Output (gal):     ~ 1.4 gal/h

Output (L):     ~ 5 L/h

Technology:     Pump filter, ceramic depth filtration cleanable (0.2 microns = 0.0002mm pores)

Weight (grams):      440

Weight (oz):        16

Two Year Warranty

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