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Pocket Guide to Outdoors Survival

Pocket Guide to Outdoors Survival


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Pocket Guide to Outdoors Survival

From Pocket Guides Publishing

The Pocket Guide To Outdoor Survival, authored by Stan Bradshaw, could be your key to making it out of an emergency situation alive. If you wind up lost in the wilderness, in need of food, shelter, or unable to find your way back to civilization, the Pocket Guide to Outdoors Survival will be your best friend. This survivalist guidebook covers all the basics of getting through life-threatening situations in the outdoors, from navigating in the wild to sending emergency signals to aircraft via mirror. The Pocket Guidebook to Outdoor Survival also covers how to build an emergency shelter, starting a fire, finding food and water in the wild, and dealing with lightning, avalanches, and hypothermia. If you’re a fan of the outdoors, prepare for every possibility – make this Pocket Guide guidebook a permanent part of your gear.


  • Sections dealing with all kinds of emergency situations
  • Great companion book to the Pocket Guide to Emergency First Aid
  • Spiral binding lets pages lay flat for easy reading in the field
  • Side tabs let you find the right chapter quickly
  • Fully waterproof, dirt-proof, tear-proof, wind-proof, kid-proof.
  • Pages are made of specially formulated, heat-treated, PVC plastic – polished, resin-coated polyvinylchloride polymer). Pages feature:
  • Bright white printing surface – all printing is clear and precise
  • Virtual indestructibility – the pages can’t rip or tear, and the corners won’t bend over
  • Flexibility – pages can bend without breaking
  • Washable surface – just wipe clean after use or wash in water
  • Steel rule die cut with polished edges – the corners won’t poke you while in your hand or in your pocket, as often happens with plastic printed materials
  • Will not warp, fade or deteriorate. (Keep out of direct sunlight for prolonged periods – nothing can prevent the sun’s ultraviolet rays from “yellowing” any kind of paper or plastic. Under normal conditions it will take years of use for these Pocket Guides to “yellow”, and even then they will remain clear and perfectly readable!)

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