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TriWick 120 Hour Emergency Survival Candle

TriWick 120 Hour Emergency Survival Candle


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The Triwick 120 Hour emergency candle is perfect for camping, power outages or any emergency situation.

Made from all natural soy and beeswax, this emergency candle comes with (6) moveable and reusable wicks, tweezers to extract wicks, aluminum cooking brackets and even matches. Add or remove wicks to increase or decrease heat or light. Each wick will burn for approximately 20 hours.

The Triwick 120 hour candle can be used for lighting, heating and cooking. The can coverts to a cook top just by inserting the aluminum brackets on top of the can. It’s the perfect addition to your emergency preparedness supplies and camping gear.


  • Container Size: 4″ Diameter x 2.5″ High
  • Made from a Blend of All Natural, Non-Toxic Soy and Beeswax
  • (6) moveable and reusable wicks
  • Tweezers to extract wicks
  • Aluminum cooking brackets
  • Includes waterproof matches
Weight: 14.5 oz.

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