A pilgrimage to resource efficiency 

The right canning equipment for the home.

Home Canning Supplies and Equipment: Everything you need for every crop – at great prices. The equipment required for home canning is an important investment for the production gardener. The investment made today is paid off by multitudes over the years. Being equipped to handle all types of crops is essential to filling the pantry. Canners and pressure canners are absolutely required. But for speed and large quantities, your other home canning equipment can make all the difference in the world.Specialty tools make preparing fruits and vegetables much quicker and easier. Cherry pitters, apple peelers, bean stringers, food strainers, juicers, sauce makers, vegetable slicers and shredders; each of these tools has an important function that provides you with a uniform product in the least amount of time.

Old Fashioned Favorites for Today’s Lifestyles Gardeners can spend a great deal of effort to grow and manage their food. Certain home canning supplies can cut that effort (and time) to a fraction by mechanizing the food preparation process.  Some of the most important canning equipment is the tools we use to prepare the food before putting it in jars or the dehydrator.  A significant savings in the monthly food bill is often realized when food products are purchased “raw” or in bulk and processed at home, not to mention the health benefits from eliminating commercial preservatives. Maybe you have all your food preparation needs met and you are ready to process by hot water bath method, pressure canner method or by dehydrating.  Our water bath canner features a deeper pot allowing over an inch of water to cover the jars, a non-stick surface for easy cleaning, and a canning rack that keeps jars separated and safely off the bottom.   The 7-quart Steam Canner uses less water than conventional water bath canners and reduces preheating time significantly. Both methods are so simple and easy to use, home canning will be a joy. Home canning and food preservation equipment

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