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Politics is the Ultimate Game of Double Mindedness

The abortion issue is just another blatant example of political double-mindedness.

Chris Matthews asks Trump, “IF abortion were illegal, should a woman be punished for having an abortion?” Trump answers, “Yes, there should be some type of punishment”. Women start shrieking like they had just collectively and individually received 50 lashes. Returning to the subject, Trump says the person performing the abortion should be punished, and that it should be left up to the states. Two days of hoopla, “he’s trying to backpedal”. Nobody bothers to refer to the way this law was administered in the 1960’s when abortion was illegal and different states had different penalties to impose on the provider of service, as if any of it matters.

Republicans have run with the pro-life line for decades but it’s just another establishment lie. For most of George W. Bush’s (R) term he had a majority (R) in both houses of Congress. AND we had a ‘conservative’ Supreme Court. NO legislation was presented to overturn Roe v. Wade.

What Donald Trump should have said is, “This is a hypothetical question and I see no likelihood of Roe v. Wade being overturned.” But apparently old Trump just doesn’t have it in his character to dodge controversial topics, obfuscate or flat out lie as spontaneously as the professional politicians do. Trump Jr. is as politically naive as his father in saying, “Shouldn’t there be consequences for breaking laws?” Logic will burn you in this game.

Doesn’t anyone else find it curious that just six months ago the country was infuriated by the Planned Parenthood tapes of selling body parts? And four months ago Trump was a horrible person for supporting the good work PP does outside of abortion? While the opponents were promising to defund the organization completely?

We have here, two completely opposite beliefs that are both held as TRUTH: ‘Something is wrong and it should not be allowed’ and ‘You can’t treat people that way when they are exercising their rights in the pursuit of happiness’. It’s synonymous with, “We can’t allow destructive behavior!” BUT “We can’t use force to stop a group of arsonists who are burning down a city block to make a statement – People have a RIGHT to be heard, their right to expression. You are discriminating!” (or throw out a list of pejoratives to shame the fire department). Guilt is extremely powerful, nobody wants to be like THAT.  You can see this same tactic being used to some degree in every campaign/election issue.

This thought process creates an unsolvable conundrum that produces cognitive paralysis and leaves the victim in emotional turmoil. A double-minded man is unstable in all his ways. Our population has been in this state of confusion for so long that we actually love being terrorized by the news and then seek authority (preacher, teacher, politician) who will tell us the lies that make us FEEL safe or good (even in our indiscretions). And constantly pitting people, who have more in common than they want to admit, against each other – keeps the house divided and the attention away from the real threat. I can’t think of a better condition for influencing/controlling a large population.

We are so inundated with emotional minutia that we can’t see the real issue. What is it about this guy, Trump, that has the controlling class in such a tizzy?


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