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“Freedom’s Just Another Word for Nothing Left to Lose”

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose”

Janis Joplin

A columnist for the elitist owned Wall Street Journal says, “Trump Voters Need a Mirror. The blaming of elites has gone too far. The U.S. voter is behind his own disappointments.”

Back in the early to mid – 1980’s, with enthusiastic support from the electorate, the withholding  tax(es) were increased to deal with the mathematics of Social Security and Medicare for the inescapable “down the road” costs. We weren’t “kicking the can”, we were paying for it, correct?

What almost immediately followed, particularly by the Clinton-Gore administration, that became rote behavior? The Social Security “Trust Fund” was raided, stuffed with I.O.U.’s, and the “money” essentially dumped into the general fund to pay for foreign wars and government bureaucracies (compartmentalized incompetence). 

And the voters are somehow responsible?

The argument of the establishment mouth pieces is that the same bastards who have screwed everything up should be re-elected by the very same people they are blaming for the national malaise, failing to note that once back in office they will continue to serve every interest except those of the people who were stupid enough to vote for them.

We the people are disgruntled with our government and some envision the path we are on is leading to economic collapse and societal meltdown. Election season rolls around and we want to vote the rascals out. But we just go from one wing on the huge vulturistic establishment bird to the other wing. Since the establishment factions of the parties pick the candidates, rather than we the unwashed lumpen, that is the historical model being defended.

For the past three decades Wall Street and the elite establishment have openly promoted and supported a shadow banking system, subprime loans, corporate inversion, highest corporate tax rates in the global market (the chess piece of the global elites), decline in wages and small business profits, decline in savings, melt down of US mortgage back securities, the institution of distribution of wealth and political correctness, and the tax payer bail out of Wall Street banking houses. And these finger-pointing, dyed-in-the-wool “establishment” types, blame who?   The voters.

Yes, we have fallen for this before. We have jumped from the right wing, Bush (rep), to the left wing, Clinton (dem), to the right wing, Bush (rep), to the left wing, Obama (dem), and back to the right (even though many thought he was more independent), Trump. All the time staying the course to national destruction. We may have been offered a subtle way of slowing or possibly even resisting the establishment path. He might yet tip the apple cart. A lot of corruption has been exposed in the Deep State but are the players from Wall Street to the DC Beltway and beyond are actually feeling threatened? We’ll see if the establishment can change minds by continuing to spit in the faces of voters this time. Is it time for an Alzheimer patient to hold center stage?

How will Coronavirus play into this? Will it ’cause’ the economic collapse that had nothing to do with corporations moving to foreign countries leaving the US with mostly service jobs, government bailouts for self-serving bank executives, Federal Reserve funding stock buy backs to the benefit of Wall Street, etc, etc ? “Greed is Good”, Gordon Gekko, played by Michael Douglas in the 1987 movie “Wall Street”. Search for the speech, it’s clearly an insight to their thought process.

So Trump voters need a mirror, huh? No more than every other citizen who needs to identify the “sucker” in a really bad deal. Perhaps that will be the moment the mirror gets rightfully broken into a million and one pieces and the real perpetrators will come into clear focus. Right then we will indeed finally have “nothing left to lose”, thus freed from our psychological bondage and finally able to do whatever must be done.

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