A pilgrimage to resource efficiency 

Zombies Next 40 Miles

As the kids were coming home from snowboarding on Friday, they received their first real warning.

This photo was taken late Friday afternoon at the “Deep Creek” pullout on U.S. Highway 93, approximately 10 miles south of Lost Trail Pass.

Webster’s Dictionary defines zombi as:
1.  In West African voodoo cults, the python deity; also, the snake deity of the voodoo cults of Haiti and of the southern United States.
2.  The supernatural power by which a dead body is believed to be reanimated; specifically a corpse reactivated by sorcery, but still dead.

In popular culture these reanimated corpses eat living people. Hmmmm….

We, like a lot of other people, watched ‘The Walking Dead” and I can see still another scenario. In the scenario in my mind,  zombies aren’t really reanimated corpses but, rather, normal enough looking, living human beings who feed off of the labors of other human beings. In either case, the zombies don’t know they are zombies.

My zombies don’t have a clue about the socioeconomic condition of the world, they are more interested in the newest technology, the fanciest house, the easiest food, the latest fashion, the hottest stars, the fastest cars, the newest drugs and/or how to get rich without any effort. My zombies are just as dangerous as the TV zombies because they suck the money, the time, the energy, the life out of you and eventually you find yourself  looking for somebody to take advantage of, too. It is a type of voodoo or spell that makes the general populace believe they deserve everything for nothing, you know, “Money for Nothing and Chicks for Free”.

I think several things could be used to cast this spell; put self-esteem above a students academic success, hand out credit knowing it can’t be paid back, deregulate banking and Wall Street so more people can participate in a ‘get rich quick’ scheme and allow abuse of entitlement programs. OR, how about locking everyone in their homes and giving them more money than they could earn going out to work? This spell could divide society even further, blinding individuals to anything beyond themselves. This spell could even be cast over an entire nation, causing it to attack other countries and killing the people there for their resources.

Who would employ such sorcery? (The term voodoo economics just keeps popping into my head.)  It’s the $nake deity of the voodoo cults!!!!!

On TV, zombies don’t really have to eat to sustain life, they just do it because it’s what they do. In my scenario, when the zombies run out of humans, they will eat other zombies.



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