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Fresh Pear Salads

Recipes from the Great Depression

Winter Pear Salad Bowl
Line a wooden salad bowl with celery leaves, lettuce, chicory or other salad green. Fill with ripe winter pears cut into wedges (peeled or unpeeled as desired). Serve a small bowl of chutneyed mayonnaise with each individual salad plate and let guests or family “dunk” the pears as eaten.

Pear Bell Salad
Peel and core fresh winter pears. Cut into halves. Mix soft cream cheese with a little sweet cream and add one teaspoon chopped nuts package of cheese. Fill centers of pear halves and fasten together again. Replace stem in each pear and insert a clove in the blossom end to add to naturalness of effect. A slice may be cut from the wide end of the pear to make it stand firmly on the salad plate. At Holiday time, the pears may be colored with red vegetable coloring or beet juice to contrast with the green of the salad foundation (watercress, lettuce, endive, etc.). The Bosc variety of pear is especially fine for this particular salad.

Various Suggestions
Peel, halve and remove core. Squeeze a few drops of lemon juice onto the pears to prevent discoloration. Serve on lettuce leaf with boiled dressing, whipped cream, mayonnaise, French dressing, or creamcheese diluted with left-over fruit juice or with cream. To top the dressing a give color contrast, use paprika, walnut meats, cherries, or a sprig of fresh mint; or place olives or colorful fresh grapes on the side.

OR prepare as above, and stuff centers with;
Currant or mint jelly
Cream cheese mixed with chopped green pepper or chopped nut meats
Crabmeat, onion salt and French dressing
Cottage cheese, garnished with fresh parsley and pimento

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