A pilgrimage to resource efficiency 

Good things came from 2020, too.

Sometimes the negativity is so overwhelming, it’s impossible to see the good.

  1. Due to lockdowns, school closures and remote learning, homeschooling numbers have increased by tens of thousands. This results in tighter home/family ties and relationships with like-minded families.
  2. Some people have abandoned empty consumerism either because they couldn’t go ‘shopping’, they couldn’t afford it or they consciously decided to quit supporting China.
  3. Social media use has dropped. I don’t know why. Maybe people don’t trust the misinformation or maybe they’ve been censored off. Either way, it provides more time for actual human interaction and productive activity.
  4. There’s been a serious return to God. The politicians can’t fix this mayhem, let’s go above their heads. Simply, gently but firmly saying “No” to man’s ways is saying “Yes” to God’s ways.
  5. Because of the supply chain disruption, interest in gardening has taken off, the likes of which we haven’t seen since the 1940’s Victory Gardens. Which brings me to my point, I’d like to encourage everyone to grow as much as you can. And I truly hope you enjoy it!

There are so many fun ways to grow crops, you don’t have to have a quarter acre garden and a rototiller. Container gardening works on apartment balconies. Mixing squash or cucumbers into landscape borders adds depth and contrast. Peas and beans like a trellis (or fence) anywhere. A suburban backyard is perfectly suitable for a potager or kitchen garden with raised beds or paths between beds. Ornamentals and herbs can be interspersed with your favorite vegetables.

  1. Gardening gives you something to do outside and something to show for it.
  2. Gardening rewards the body, mind and spirit.
  3. Gardening guarantees where your produce comes from and if chemicals are used on it.
  4. Gardening saves money.
  5. Gardening provides some food security if the trucks aren’t running.

The famous old saying goes, “I eat what I can and can what I can’t”. May you be blessed with more than you can eat.

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