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Emergency Kits

Emergency survival kits for 1 to 4 people from Mayday Industries. Backpack or Honey Bucket Kits for home, auto, office and classroom.

A disaster kit or survival kit is a backpack or bucket that is packed with essentials and ready to go at all times. You never know when a disaster will hit and you’ll be stranded without food and shelter until help arrives. A tornado can demolish a home and leave you stuck in a basement until emergency crews can dig you out. A car breaking down in the middle of a snowstorm could leave you alone for hours or longer. Mayflower Trading’s emergency backpacks and honey buckets provide everything you need to survive for a few precious days.  The kits come in various sizes to accommodate larger groups and needs. Our emergency kits and bug out bags should be with you at home, in your car or anywhere else where you might need help should disaster strike and you need to survive or evacuate. They contain blankets, light, emergency food, water, first aid, a fire starter and more to give you and your family a fighting chance. You can even add your own items to it such as clothes and medication to customize if for you and your family.

Your emergency kit or bug out bag should be kept in a place where it’s easy to grab if you are in an evacuation situation. We suggest you make your disaster survival kit complete by adding some things of your own, like a change of clothes, any medication you need on a regular basis, and a tool for self-defense.

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