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Basic Baking Package

Basic Baking Package



This basic package is an excellent compliment to grain storage.

It provides the additional ingredients to your food storage that are required for most breads, simple desserts, biscuits and pancakes.
The foods in this package are all sealed in #10 Cans or mylar packages with oxygen absorbers. In this compact form they will store well and require minimal storage space. This package comes in 1 box.
The net weight of the food without packaging is 27 pounds.



#10 Can 
Whole Eggs
 1 #10 Can 
 Instant Milk
 1  #10 Can  Shortening Powder
 1  #10 Can  Baking Soda
 1  #10 Can  Baking Powder
 1 #10 Can
 Brown Sugar
 1 Mylar Package


Additional information

Weight 35 lbs