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Bean Variety Package – 6 #10 Cans


A variety of beans means more variety in your meals.

Our Bean Variety Package contains 6 – #10 Cans. Beans are high in protein and vitamins, making them a staple item for long term storage and emergency preparedness.




You can serve beans as a side dish, make chili or add them to soups or casseroles to increase protein content. Beans add color to a dish making an old recipe different and more appetizing. Our 16 bean mix is a blend of a variety of beans-pinto, small red, small white, great northern, large lima, baby lima, kidney, black turtle, pink, yellow split and green split peas, lentils, and black eye beans.
Add meat, rice, pasta, tomatoes or other vegetables to create innumerable variations. Cooked beans can also be blended to a consistency that can go undetected in casseroles for picky eaters.
See individual products for specific cooking and nutritional information.


 Quantity  Package  Product
#10 Can
Pinto Beans
 1 #10 Can
 Kidney Beans
 1 #10 Can
 Lima Beans
 1 #10 Can
 Small White Navy Beans
 1 #10 Can
 Black Turtle Beans
 1 #10 Can
16 Bean Mix


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Weight 45 lbs