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Bleed Control Trauma Management Station – Red

This break glass cabinet contains a range of critical medical supplies for bleed control response. Ideal for schools and universities, offices, warehouses, industrial settings and community centers. Be ready to respond with the Bleed Control Trauma Management Station.



Wall-mounted Bleed Control Trauma Management Station – Red

Contains critical medical supplies for responding to bleed control situations

Break glass for access to contents (attached hammer included for breaking glass)

Includes hardware for wall mounting and key for cabinet lock

Cabinet Contains:

(1) Pair of Safety Glasses

(2) Pair of Nitrile Gloves(2) N-95 Mask

(2) Survival Blanket

(1) CPR Mouth Shield

(1) Kerlic Gauze Roll

(1) Emergency Pressure Dressing

(2) Multi Trauma Dressing

(1) Blood Stopper Trauma Dressing

(4) Surgi Pad Combine Dressing

(4) 4” x 4.1 yds Roll Gauze Roll

(4) Rapid Response Wound Seal

(1) EMT Paramedic Scissors

(2) Surgical Adhesive Tape

(2) Triangular Bandage

(1) Duct Tape 10 Yards

(1) Doctor’s Pen Light

(1) Hydrogen Peroxide

(2) Bio Hazard Bags

(1) Emergency High-Strength Pressure Bandage, 6”

(1) C-A-T Tourniquet

(1) QuikClot® Bleeding Control DressingTM (3″ x 4′)

(1) Sharpie

(1) Saline Solution (Sodium Chloride), 500ml Bottle

(1) Ammonia Inhalants, Box of 10

Be prepared for an active shooter scenario.


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Weight 20 lbs