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Deluxe Baking Package

Deluxe Baking Package


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This baking package is designed for those who enjoy providing a variety of baked goods to the family.

Combine this with a complete grain storage plan and a variety of fruits to guarantee your family is getting desserts they love. With these additional ingredients, you can create breads, biscuits, muffins, pancakes, pie crusts, cakes, frostings, brownies, cookies, donuts, candies…
These items add 261,660 calories and 8,759 grams of protein to your home storage.
The foods in this package are all sealed in #10 Cans or mylar packages with oxygen absorbers. In this compact form they will store well and require minimal storage space.
This package comes in 6 boxes.  The net weight of the food without packaging is 156 pounds.

 Quantity  Package  Product
 6 #10 Can 
Whole Eggs
 6 #10 Can 
 Instant Milk
 1 #10 Can 
 Buttermilk Powder
 1 #10 Can 
 Shortening Powder
 1 #10 Can 
 Margarine Powder
 3 #10 Can 
 Butter Powder
 1  #10 Can  Baking Soda
 1 #10 Can 
 Baking Powder
 1  #10 Can  Cornstarch
 8 #10 Can 
 White Sugar
 3 #10 Can 
 Brown Sugar
 2 #10 Can 
 Powdered Sugar
 1 #10 Can 
 Baking Cocoa
 1 #10 Can
 3 Mylar Package

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