A pilgrimage to resource efficiency 

First Post in a New World

A reflection on history tells us doing more to meet our own basic needs ourselves makes survival of tough economic times easier. Oddly enough, this can also be a time of togetherness and an increase in bonding and healthy dependence on one another.

Of course I pick one of the busiest times of the year to try to figure out this whole blogging thing. There is so much to do in the Fall, bring in all the herbs to dry by the stove, get the last of the garden harvest in and canned, finish stock piling the firewood, watch the snowline climb down the mountain and rest into the valley, gather rose hips for tea during the winter, etc. etc. etc. 

But I am committed to begin this journey of sharing my pilgrimage with you other pilgrims out there that are trying to make a new way…which was the old…which is now the new way again.

A thought on resource-efficiency:

There are many reasons for “Do It Yourself” or “Back to Basics”, the economy, health awareness, or the stress of the rat race. We all have our own definitions of homesteading and self sufficiency but the truth of the matter is; any area of your life that you take the responsibility of providing for yourself, you become self reliant in that area. Some folks just have more areas in their lives that they depend on their own labor and providence to supply their needs. A reflection on history tells us doing more to meet our own basic needs ourselves makes survival of tough economic times easier. Oddly enough, this can also be a time of family togetherness (teamwork, if you will) and an increase in bonding and healthy dependence on one another. The gratification and sense of accomplishment that is earned from a productive garden grows exponentially when the kitchen cupboards are full by the effort of your own hands.

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