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Emergency Preparedness

A good Emergency Kit guarantees having the right supplies on hand for first aid, traumas and emergencies. Cuts, scrapes and even worse happen all the time, when you are working or playing outdoors and in the home or office during routine activities. How prepared are you in the event of an emergency? Are you prepared, and I mean truly prepared if someone gets hurt? Ask yourself seriously next time you see an emergency on TV if you have the first aid supplies to manage until the professionals arrive. First Aid can cover a wide variety of issues in a medical emergency. We carry the best in comprehensive first aid kits, emergency survival supplies, and medical kits for both home and the workplace as well as when you are “on the go”, for storage in either your vehicle or in a backpack. Whether for those near and dear to you or a fellow person in need, with our emergency preparedness kits and supplies, you will always be ready to deal with injuries and traumas when an emergency strikes. 

Emergency Preparedness is Key! The biggest drawback to the country life is the more you do it yourself, the more you seem to do to yourself. Being prepared when an emergency arises should be at the top of every persons priority list. In the event of an emergency, should the weather be treacherous or people reside on a remote ranch, it could be hours before professional medical care can be attained. It is for these reasons that we recommend that you always be prepared and always have access to emergency survival supplies. While a First Aid kit is not intended to be a substitute for professional care, during a crisis the use of an emergency preparedness kit could make a significant difference in treatment once professional care is acquired. In addition to the emergency survival kits that we offer, we also recommend having the following items on hand:   
*A thermometer. 
*Tylenol and children’s Tylenol for fever, swelling, and pain relief.   
*Aspirin is useful for a heart attack, but not for a bleeding trauma.
*Chlorine bleach for disinfecting equipment and linens.   
*Alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and iodine for disinfecting minor abrasions and wounds.   
*Benedryl is useful for some allergic reactions.   
*Caladryl for insect bites and stings.    
*Lanacane is a topical anesthetic for itching and/or stinging.   
*Syrup of Ipecac and activated charcoal for poisoning.   
*Cough syrup.   
*Pepto Bismol, antacids, Epsom’s Salts, Ben-Gay, and antibiotic ointments.

Furthermore, emergency first aid is really only the first step to being prepared. We also offer and recommend that people consider emergency food supplies, camping gear and survival supplies which can be easily added to a back pack for outdoor preparedness. Additionally, these items could also be conveniently kept in your vehicle in case of an accident, breakdown or inclement weather conditions. Emergency Preparedness Kits and Survival Supplies

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