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Long Term Food Storage

Be prepared for any disaster or emergency situation by having a 6 month to 3 year supply of dried foods that can be stored for 25 years. Freeze dried fruit and vegetables along with other dehydrated foods, packed in #10 cans or 6 gallon buckets guarantees a dependable, long term, emergency food supply should the need arise.

Food storage means different things to different people.In the mind of the homesteader, storing food means putting the garden and some processed livestock in the root cellar, on the pantry shelf or in the freezer to eat during the off season.Like farmers of yesteryear, long term food storage means stocking up on the staples like dried beans, whole grains, sugar and salt. Knowing many home preserved foods last 5 to 10 years, they can like crazy every year, rotating stock and resting assured that if there is a poor harvest next year, it’ll be OK. – Its just a way of life.For others, long term food storage is a way to extend the family food budget by purchasing items they use regularly when they are on sale, using coupons and buying in bulk. Impulse buying is less common with a well stocked cupboard because you needn’t run to the store for a single item.Storing food for a number of ‘what if’ situations is second nature many and having 3 to 6 months of food in the cupboard is common. The cost of food is rising, just like everything else. The possibility of food shortages, due to weather or the cost of fuel to produce and transport it, is becoming more likely every day. This group customizes an emergency food storage program based on their own family’s needs and expands it over time. They store in such a way that they incorporate their dehydrated and freeze dried foods into their daily lives right now and can later rely solely on it should an emergency occur.Another group views long term food storage more as an insurance policy, part of a preparedness plan, emergency food or, potentially, survival food.They are aware of world events and the constantly changing social, economic situation. They are prepared for natural disasters, economic crisis and social unrest with an emergency food supply. They buy 6 months to 3 years of dehydrated and freeze dried food, because of it’s long shelf life, and store it in an environmentally controlled area for use when the unforeseen happens. Even well known Wall Street investment advisors recommend stockpiling the basics (water, food and a means to boil water) for a minimum of two weeks up to three months.In the end, we all agree that eating is a good thing.That’s why we sell high quality dehydrated and freeze dried food items that are best for long term storage, affordable, easy to handle, simple to prepare and taste good.  

The learning curve doesn’t have to be steep.Many items we use everyday are storable foods packaged for immediate use; take macaroni and cheese as a perfect example, the pasta and cheese sauce come together in the same box in a two serving amount. But there are other things in emergency food storage plans that are foreign to many; making bread without a bread making machine, not to mention grinding wheat. There is a learning curve to using all the items packaged for long term storage and its better to experience it now while there is time to learn and make adjustments. Rather than waiting until you are dependent on being able to turn this food into dinner, buy a variety of items in  #10 Cans and start using them now.The best emergency preparedness plan includes knowing how to use your long term food supply. Long Term Food Storage


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