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Storable Foods in Buckets

The most basic food storage for emergency purposes is the six gallon buckets of multi-grain cereals, mixed beans, milk, sugar and salt. This is the best place for beginners and gardeners to start.

Storable food in buckets is ideal survival food for emergency preparedness. Grains, beans, pastas, meat or meat substitute, powdered milk, sugar, salt and vegetable blends provide the essential nutrients for survival.  Food grade plastic buckets with a handle and an airtight gasket lid are stackable and easy to move. Oxygen absorbers have been added to provide an oxygen free environment for maximum shelf life. Whole grains, legumes, milk, sugar and dehydrated foods, when properly stored, can last for multiple decades, making them ideal for long term food storage or survival food. For many families, having a years worth of staples is the place to begin a long term storage program and adding variety is something you do if you have the time and money. Complete meals, individually prepackaged, may be the most desirable for use in stressful situations where water and power are limited. Having the ability to prepare meals from scratch provides the most versatility but both options makes the pantry more complete. 

Storable Food in Buckets is Just the Beginning The bulk of a well rounded food storage will normally be best handled in buckets. But having variety in your diet is critical to avoid appetite fatigue and to supply additional vitamins and minerals. Once you have your basic survival foods, start adding variety with dehydrated fruits and vegetables.  And don’t forget some comfort foods like pudding, jello, hot cocoa and popcorn. Prepare today, and you can do more than just survive tomorrow! Storable Foods in Buckets

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