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The Two Most Important Things You Need For Dealing With The Most Common Emergencies

Cuts, scrapes and even worse happen all the time. Are you prepared, and I mean truly prepared if someone gets hurt? We recommend that everyone take a First Aid class at least every couple of years simply because like so many skills, providing first aid is a perishable skill. Get some training and stay trained. Now what? After you’ve taken the time to get the training, it is of little or no use if you do not have the supplies on hand to deal with an emergency. There is a wide variety of comprehensive first aid kits, survival supplies and medical kits for both home and the workplace as well as for “on the go”; for storage in either your vehicle or in a backpack.

Whether for those near and dear to you or a fellow person in need, you should always be prepared to deal with injuries and traumas when an emergency strikes. How you handle a situation until emergency personnel arrive could mean the difference between life and death.

The second critical component of preparedness is some emergency food to keep in your vehicle or pack. Sure, when you hit the road there’s always the stop at the convenience store or the supermarket on the way out of town, but is that really being prepared? No, it isn’t. That’s for right then and there, a snack, not an emergency food supply. Emergency preparedness means being ready for that “What if?” like getting stuck in a blizzard or a breakdown on a lonely and deserted country road. The best solution is our Mayday Emergency Food Bars or Millennium Energy Bars that have a five year shelf life and are actually good for you and your family. You can store these right in your vehicle with the emergency car kit or 72 Hour Kit and be truly prepared for all those unpleasant surprises that life throws at you.

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