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How Much Toilet Paper Do You Need?

There are many resources giving guidelines for the amount of food that is required for a person to survive a year. Most of them are based on calories but some also take into consideration nutritional values i.e. vitamins and minerals as well as calories. But has anyone recommended the amount of toilet paper one would need for an entire year? Until last March, toilet paper had to be in the top 10 items most taken for granted. 

Well, according to Georgia-Pacific, the manufacturer of Quilted Northern and Angel Soft, the average American household of 2.6 people uses 409 regular rolls of toilet paper a year.  The company calculated that the 24/7 stay-at-home orders that has kept millions of people locked down, increased the home TP consumption by 40%.

Based on this, GP extrapolated the figures and came to the conclusion that two people housebound for two weeks would need nine double rolls or five mega rolls of toilet paper.

Check my math, I think this means that a family with four children will need 702 double rolls or 58.5 – 12 roll packages of double rolls to survive one year of a zombie apocalypse. That will consume approximately two square feet stacked to the eight foot ceiling.  Bet you are wishing you didn’t throw all those old socks away now.

Taking a few minutes to consider other personal hygiene products, also, might pay off down the road.

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