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Beef Flavored Bits – #10 Can

Beef Flavored Bits, reconstituted, have the appearance of cooked chopped beef. These bits are great for casseroles, soups, and any other beef dish. This is a high protein addition to your food storage staples.



Imitation beef flavored bits, when reconstituted, have the taste and appearance of ground hamburger.

These bits are easy to reconstitute and add a delicious beef flavor to your dishes. There is a wide variety of uses such as chili, soups, and casseroles. Great for the vegetarian. The favorite family meat – although imitation – is a great tasting substitute! One of the few reasons you would want to include it in your emergency food storage.

Shelf Life:

Should be stored in cool dark place – optimum condition is 60 degrees or less – for longer storage. Product should store for 10+ years if stored properly.

Textured vegetable protein (soy flour, caramel color), soybean oil,  water, salt, hydrolyzed corn-soy-wheat gluten protein,  autolyzed yeast.

Directions for use:
For each serving, add 1/2 cup water to 1/4 cup beef bits.   Cook over medium heat until the excess moisture is absorbed, stirring occasionally.  May add beef bouillon for a stronger flavor. Use in dishes that call for cooked beef.
Treat rehydrated bits as you would fresh meat.

Serving size 1/4 Cup      Servings per can 40     Calories per serving 102
Net Weight 2.5 Lbs.

Processed in a plant that handles dairy, milk, wheat, egg, soy, and tree nut products.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs