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Chicken Bouillon - #10 Can

Dehydrated Chicken bouillon can be used to make chicken broth which can be used to make a number of soups, stews, casseroles, and used as a braising liquid. Dehydrated Chicken bouillon is highly concentrated so very little goes a long way.



This Chicken bouillon has a highly concentrated flavor so you do not have to use as much as other bouillons.

Having a long term shelf life expectancy, it’s a great addition for food storage or emergency preparedness. It is great in soups, gravies, stews, casseroles or cooking vegetables as an added flavoring.

Directions for use:  

For broth, mix 1 cup hot water and ½ tsp. bouillon.  Use in soups, gravies, stews, casseroles, or cooking vegetables as a flavoring.

Serving size 1/2 tsp        Servings per can 1446       Calories per serving 0


Net Weight 6.38 Lbs.

Additional information

Weight 7.5 lbs