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Cornmeal – #10 Can

Cornmeal is a versatile product to have on hand for making cornbread, corn muffins, Indian pudding, tamales, grits, polenta, to bread things, to make plain hush puppies or to give your meats a nice outside layer of flavor.



Yellow cornmeal may be cooked as a cereal or used to make cornbread.

Cornmeal is great for breading meats but is most commonly used in making corn bread or corn dodgers. It is also used for making polenta and grits, pancakes, hush puppies, and corndogs. Cornmeal is great for those that may be gluten intolerant. It is a degermed cornmeal and fortified with vitamins. With it’s long term shelf life expectancy it’s a great item to add to your emergency food storage.

Shelf Life:

Should be stored in a cool, dark place – optimum condition is 60 degrees or less – for longest storage. Should store for 25+ years if stored properly.

Directions for Use:

Can be cooked as a cereal, use in recipes for fritters, griddle cakes, Johnny cake, pudding, bread, tortillas and chips.

Can be reground for a finer “flour.

Serving size 1/4 cup     Servings per can 58    Calories per serving 126

Net Weight 4.5 Lbs.

Processed in a plant that handles dairy, eggs, wheat, soy and tree nuts.

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs