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Dehydrated Food in #10 Cans

The easiest to store and most convenient to use method of storing food is in the #10 can. Add to your pantry as your budget allows and create more variety in your meals.

Variety is critical to any food storage program.Food storage is not new; people have been butchering, canning, freezing, dehydrating and stocking pantries for centuries. Although for decades, you may have had enough food in your pantry for a year or more, you have to admit there are some items you still go to the grocery store for. These products add variety to your diet, enhance a meal, complete a meal, are a treat on special occasions, and are important for psychological comfort in hard times. Expand your choices with dehydrated food. Most people don’t have enough variety in their normal food storage routine, let alone in an emergency food storage program. Dehydrated food in #10 cans is the most efficient to store, expand, and easiest to rotate. Should you be in a situation where your only food options are what you have in the pantry, you may find yourself (even more likely the kids) burning out on the items you have the most of. Just think what a difference mixed tropical fruit, jello or pudding could make. Appetite fatigue can actually lead to undernourishment because you prefer not to eat at all if you have to eat the same thing – again. Dehydrated food in #10 cans provides a wider variety in your long term food storage. 

Keep your food fresh after opening the #10 Can To preserve maximum freshness and shelf-life after opening a #10 Can, divide the dehydrated food into smaller containers with tight fitting, screw-on caps. Mason jars are ideal due to the air tight seal that can be obtained, any glass jar with a rubber ring on the inside of the lid works. Keep a portion in your cool, dry storage area and a portion in your kitchen. Our foods are processed in a plant that handles dairy, milk, wheat, egg, soy, and tree nut products. Dehydrated Food in #10 Cans

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