A pilgrimage to resource efficiency 

How-To Books

How-To books provide a wealth of information for anyone desiring self-sufficiency. You can find anything you want to on the internet but ‘what if’ for ‘whatever reason’, the internet was inaccessible? Having a personal library with books full of self-sufficiency instructions could save untold hours of confusion and experimentation. Our books are packed with thousands of useful hints and expert advise that will help you with all the little vexing and perplexing difficulties of daily life on the farm. You can count on them to make your life easier as you expand your self-reliant lifestyle. A sound knowledge base is part of preparedness. Books pertinent to homesteading such as food preservation, small animals, beekeeping and cooking with long term food storage are not just informational…they are inspirational!

Books – How To for Homesteaders

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