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Cheddar Cheese Powder - #10 Can

Cheddar Cheese Powder is perfect for making a base for your favorite cheese soup or fondue.  It make a cheese sauce to put on rice, pasta, potatoes and nachos.



This cheddar cheese powder can be added directly to casseroles and soups and can be used wherever a cheese flavor is needed.

This cheese powder is excellent in casseroles, pasta dishes and potatoes and can be frozen in any dish. You can sprinkle over french fries, popcorn and pretzels for added flavor. Add the powder to butter or sour cream to create cheese sauces, dips and soups. It must be cooked when used for sauces. A great tasting addition for any emergency food storage.

Directions for use:
Add 1/4 cup powder to 1/3 cup water.  Use milk for creamier flavor.  Needs to be cooked for sauces.  Add directly to casseroles and soups. Can be used wherever a cheese flavor is needed.  It can be frozen in dishes.  It  is excellent in baked casseroles, pasta dishes and potatoes.

Serving size 1 Tbs.            Servings per can 207           Calories per serving 106


Net Weight 3.2 Lbs.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs